Archpartners is a CG-boutique that carefully creates some of the most sophisticated, detailed renderings, animations and visual experiences in the international real estate industry today.
At Archpartners we collaborate with real estate developers, architects, designers, planners and marketers, and help them convey their ideas and vision in a way that ignites enthusiasm in their audience.
We have successfully completed hundreds of renderings and other visual assets for dozens of projects, large and small, around the globe; from high profile developments which impact a city’s skyline, to private single-family homes.

Christian Mozetic

Creative Director


Christian is responsible for creative direction and client relations at Archpartners. With a B.S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Christian focuses on understanding his client’s vision and requirements, and on finding a way to express these in an effective and memorable visual campaign, be it to market a development, obtain funding for a project, or help in the decision making process.

Raul Gioiosa

Production Director


Raul is responsible for project execution and technical direction at Archpartners. He is a licensed architect graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), having worked for several architectural firms on the design, documentation and construction phases of numerous residential and commercial projects.

Joachim Mendoza

New Business Development Director (VR/AR Solutions)


Joachim is responsible for New Business Development. He is an architect and UIX designer. Graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology, (MTY-MX). Previously worked as Senior Account Manager for Archpartners. Previously worked as Special Projects Manager for Harvard Design School.